Live, Love, Laugh!

by ArtfulOne (Jill Agard)

Created Oct. 22, 2010

This tutorial is written for people who have some knowledge of

Paint Shop Pro and was written for PSP Version XI,

This tutorial can probably be done with other versions as well.

That's what we'll be making!

In addition to your Paint Shop Pro you will need:

No outside filters.

Designs By Vaybs Scrap Kit found at


Tutorial Supplies by ArtfulOne HERE

Edit: The supplies were missing the tube of the girl so I've just fixed it. 10-24-10 Jill

Edit: Supplies edited. 2-26-12

In the supplies you will find the FTU tube shown in my preview.

You will also find the elements I used to make the tag.

There is a nice font in there too.

Let's make a tag!

Open a new 500 X 500 pixel transparent canvas and flood fill with white.

Copy and paste the tube provided as a new layer. She should be the right size.

Duplicate the tube layer. We will be working with the original tube layer so hide the copy.

Effects > Distortion> Wave with the following settings:
Change all the numbers in the boxes to 8.

Edge mode: Ck transparent.

Apply the same effect settings again. Unhide the tube copy layer.

Set up your materials palette with the eyedropper tool.

Foreground/stroke: click on a the dark green in her skirt.

Background/Fill: click on the lighter green in her shirt.

Get your rectangle tool. Create on vector, solid line, width 5, anti alias ckd, rest of the settings don't matter. Draw a square that's about 430 pixels high and wide.

Promote to a raster layer. Position below the pattern layer.

Activate the layer with the square.

Magic Wand Tool: add, RGB mode, tolerance and feather 0, anti alias ckd,

With the magic wand tool click on the area surrounding your square shape to get those ants marching.

Change active layer to the pattern layer. Edit> cut (or hit your delete key) to get rid of the pattern that extends beyond the square shape.

Let's apply some drop shadows: v 3, h 3, opac 40, blur 8, color black.

Apply the drop shadow to all layers except the background and the pattern layer.

Let's decorate the tag!

We are using elements from DBV Polka Dot kit. My supplies kit contains the ones I used for the tag above. See my tag for placement. 

Feel free to use whatever elements from the kit that you like and place them according to your own design.

You will apply the same drop shadow as above to all the decorative components you add.

Open DBG PD bottle cap 3.(Live, Love, Laugh) Resize 65%.  Copy and Paste it as a new layer on your project.

Position the bottle cap to the lower right corner of the square.

Open DBV PD butterfly 2. Resize to 40%. Copy and paste as a new layer. Position to upper left corner of the green square. I tilted mine using the pick tool (deform tool).

Open the DBV PD Ribbon 6. Resize and place below the green square.

Open DBV Flwr 11 cluster that I made and included in my supplies. Copy and paste to the lower left corner of the green square. The ribbon from above should be positioned between the flowers and the bottle cap.

Add a new transparent raster layer between the green square layer and and white background layer.

Using the eye dropper tool pick a light to medium color from your project.  I used the yellow background on the bottle cap for my color. (#e8c541) 

Airbrush tool: shape> round, sz 30, h 6, w 13, d 21,t 100, r 0, opac 14, blend mode normal, rate 5.

Activate the transparent layer you just added. Use the airbrush tool to add some squiggly spray marks that peek out from behind the upper Rt corner of the Green Square shape. This is an alternative way to add a little texture to a white background instead of using a mask.

Add the artist copy right and your "Made By" credits to the left edge of the green square.

Add your name.  I used font "Accent dot lots" (included in the supplies folder) size 36, and I used the colors I picked for the square shape at the beginning of the tutorial.  Save the tag as a JPEG and you are done!

Thanks for trying this tutorial. I'd love to see what you make. You can post your results on our tut results board. If you have any problems, just PM me.  Hugs: Jill

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